Privacy Policy

Safeguarding the privacy and security of our member’s data is critical to building the trust within the SalesWedge professional network. We have designed SalesWedge to provide you with full control over your identity, personal information and data.

Account Centric
Only account level information is required. We do not import or require contact level information for targets and connections.
Customers are not identified
You identify accounts where you have connections or insight. Accounts are aggregated and could be either customers, prospects, employers or organizations where friends or family work. You are not asked to identify customers.
Private Identity
Your identity is private. You choose your public username and reveal your identity only when you connect.
Sharing Data
Your data is held privately until you choose to share this information with connections.
Data Ownership
You own all information entered into SalesWedge. All information is deleted upon request.
We do not rent or sell data to third parties.